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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ode To A Toad, from Square Toed Shoes

Darling Toad...

Oh darling toad of the slimy skin

Could there be more to you within?

I’d like to believe you are a prince

But that fairytale died for me long since!

Oh darling toad all covered in warts

Could you be a prince of sorts?

I can’t imagine you on a shining steed

But to believe in you I feel a need!

If I should deign to give you a kiss

Would I get warts upon my lips?

Could a slime like you make my heart sing?

If I’m to find out I must do this thing!

*Mwah* There! The deed is done!

Damn! I knew you wouldn’t be one!!!

Author: Andrea Da Costa - Poetry Site

From Ode To A Toad Collection at Square Uniting all the toads of the world, one amphibian at a time. The site has an Ode to a Toad section, toad links, toad products, toad collectibles, and square toed shoes (a play on words that started the site).


Blogger Andrea Da Costa said...

Hi Toady,

I'm honoured to find my toad ode here, especially with my copyright and link to my site... thanks!

By the way, just wondering, is there more to you within? *grin*


2:46 PM


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