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Monday, October 31, 2005


It was Halloween, October 31st, 2003. Mary was dressed as a witch. Billy was a dashing pirate with his black mustache and wavy Rhett Butler hair style.

I had put out my head collection for the occasion. A very real looking shrunken head from the Jiveros of Ecuador, a carved wooden skull which I told everyone was my first boss at Corporate, and a tiny miniature toilet. Everyone was impressed with the comode.

Then we got called in to a surprise meeting with someone down from Division HQ.
It was a petite little blonde in a black mini-skirt with a gold chain around her waist. We'd heard of her because whe was well connected. Her father was a VP at one of our customers and played golf with some of our big birds. She had living arrangements with her boss and had been promoted regularly.

She started out with a sweet and demeaning tone in telling us of a new proceedure we were to institute which we all thought stunk. We had to send her copies of certain types of transactions which she had to approve before we could finalize them. Joey started giving her a hard time about it; Billy told her it was not possible and I agreed with him. Then our own Gully Boss came in and said we were going to do it regardless. We saluted and stomped out.

After that she was only known as "The Witch", though Billy usually replaced the"W" with a capital "B".

We snowed her in paperwork for the first week and then conveniently forgot about it. She never gave us feedback on the first week's stuff and the subject didn't come up again.

Oh, Billy let slip a few snide remarks about her legs to one of the female visitors from Division (something about mockingbirds) and the next time we saw her she was dressed like a Pilgrim. She transferred to Corporate PR a few months later. She can pass out her poisoned apples there.



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