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Friday, October 14, 2005

Funny Cartoon About The Customer Abuse Zone

It makes me so mad. We bought this new plug-in system that was supposed to
walk and talk and chew gum and solve all of our problems. I plug mine in and it powers up beautifully, but after that it doesn't do what it's supposed to.

So I call the 800 (toll-free-abuse) hotline number and talk to a "customer service" rep. I describe my problem and then get put on hold, and their music was too loud so I couldn't concentrate on anything else, and I was on hold forever. Finally someone comes on the line and appologizes for the last woman I talked to. I describe the problem again and this guy starts asking me questions. He never answers mine. I finally decide he doesn't know the answer.

He asks me if I have re-booted. I ask him if he thinks I am stupid. There is a long silence. Apparently he does. He makes a few suggestions and I hang up to see if they work.

They don’t! In this case we sent the whole system back. They gave us extensive
grief but never could prove that it did what we wanted.

And so I started the Customer Abuse Zone. We'll see if anyone wants to help.

Click here to see Funny Cartoon about customer abuse.

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