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Monday, December 05, 2005

Charts Make Great Cartoons

We have meetings every week to review everyone's charts and make sure management knows who is in trouble. It's called THE MEETIN' FOR A BEATIN'.

The trick is to make your charts look like you are doing something, but not like you are having enough problems to get in trouble over. Of course, if you have a problem make sure your boss knows it so he/she isn't quizzing you about your charts in front of everyone else. It's pretty sad when your own boss rips you in a meeting. (Ah, time to get a new boss???)

I'm always amazed at how some people's charts always look like they are doing well, even when the scuttlebut is that they are in trouble.

There are many tricks to the trade:
1. Only count the problems/defects that help you look better.
2. Spread your defects so none stick out.
3. If you have a problem, make it the only problem and show progress.
4. If you are in trouble, make sure you are the last presenter; so the bosses are ready to quit.
5. Change what you are tracking so the real problem is re-classified.
6. Save some defects until the beginning of the month. The beginning is bad, the end is an improvement.
7. Always change jobs when your charts are looking good.

There are those who just have a knack for making their charts look good. When they become birds is when you really start having chart fests. Sometimes they use charts to increase competency, usually it is just a show to make everyone think they are good at something.

Statistics never lie, they just say what you make them say.

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