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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Salesman, Go Do Your Real Job

Sometimes you get real sick of a peddler, (you may call it a salesman.)
This guy was bad because he was well connected with some of our birds and they
kind of expected us to buy from him and he (more than kind of) expected an order from purchasing. Engineering was holding things up because test samples did not
meet our requirements. Of course, he had every reason in the book to prove that
his samples were perfect and our engineers were somehow not with it. But he was all wet, so to speak.

Well, Liz got stuck talking to him on the phone. The guy would not go
away. He didn't exactly say: "Give me an order," but he made it all clear that he
was expecting to do business with us. So, Liz finally got terse with him and
asked him if he didn't have a real job to go to. "Whats my real job?" he asked.
"Lying to customers," Liz told him. There was a long, long silence, then a click.

Yes, management asked what was going on and Liz gave them a terse verse too.
She does have it in her when she gets riled. We never did do business with those
twits. One of the big birds in engineering was bigger than the connected bird in purchasing. Sometimes the bureau-crazy works in spite of its self.

Click here to see Salesman Have A Real Job

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