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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Management By FLYING Around - MBWA for Birds?

Yes, I know, Management by Walking Around is way old, and everyone assumes that enlightened managers (Birds are lightened, right. They fly, that's light.) already know and practice it. But did you know that there are still people paying to hear about MBWA and there are still tons of birds who do not get out of their offices to find out what is really going on.

We get really excited when a bird walks through our sea of cells, but they don't do it very often. Sometimes they walk through production, where the real toads live, but even then it is an exceptional bird that flys around very much. They are mostly glued to their computers, and when they fly around it is dangerous because they know so little about what's really going on they mess things up.

This 'toon became our icon back when we were doing normal sized 'toons. It kind of shows what Stars 'n Toads is all about in one quick 'toon.

Click here to see MBWA - Management by FLYING Around

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