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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Vendors ARE Defects

It always makes me sooooo Ribeting mad. Why are some companies always shipping junk.
With some suppliers we have a "defect of the week" recognition. You can always be
sure that they will attempt to shut down production for some unforseen reason.
It's always too big or too small, too late or too few, unapproved or out-of-date.
How can they make any money when all they ship are ribets!

There is one supplier we call Black Hole, because nothing good seems to come out of
their place. But the last straw was one day they sent Felina a virus in an attachment. The bells went off back in IT and her computer shut down. It was just par for the course.

Speaking of which, their big birds were on the golf course with some of our little birds and we (unknowingly) called in the report in the middle of the 8th hole. I think their drinks were a little strong that day. They needed an excuse for a headache next morning.

Boy, will we ever have them for lunch! Yech!!!!!!!

Click here to see Vendor is a Black Hole!

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