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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Brains are Great Food For Funny Office Cartoons

How do you like your brains?

Well, inside my head? Or, Any way but fried; Or, at 100% efficiency.

Some days I just wish I had a brain. Other days I wish they would let me use it.

This page has four cartoons about brains. One reflects a frequent story around here about a vendor that has promised us parts but they are late, and come to find out they don't really know where the parts are. It all happened again just a few days back, and a little packag came in, instead of the truck load we had expected. I said: "You could say they sent us their brains, since they would fit in a very small package." To which Twinkles retorted, "But if they did they'd be fried."

The next one shows one our favorite sayings about mental blocks. Depending on who has one, we always say that it is a small mental block. Then some unknowing soul asks: "How do you know it is a small mental block?" Everyone laughs when the answer is given: "Because he has such a small mind."

Then there is the classic brain problem that you come up with a hot idea and run to tell someone. They are unimpressed, or uninterested, or unintelligent, since your ideas are obviously good. This cartoon is a graphic representation of what happens when you take your hot idea to someone.

Life Hurts!

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