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Monday, March 06, 2006

I Know Why I'm Having A Bad Day

This was a favorite line in one of the departments I worked in. Whenever someone was having a bad day, we told the victim he or she should have gone to church on Sunday.

Likewise, if something good happened we told the lucky party
it was a good thing they went, or if there was potential for a disaster we said we hoped they went.

It was always good for a chuckle in a tense moment.

I don't know where this originated, since they were doing it before I got to the department, but I give credit to one of my friends there. She said it before I did but we all used it sometimes. We had a lot of tense moments, but there was usually some fun to be had since the "root cause" was ALWAYS someone else. Little quips like: I hope you went to church on Sunday" helped keep things in perspective.
I should note that we rarely knew, or cared, who went to church on any given Sunday. It was not a religious statement, but thought of concern for a friend in a tight situation, and a subtle acknowledgement that with the right help we could always pull out a miracle for our crazy customers.

Repentance on a Bad Day Cartoon showing Toady under his problem bricks.


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