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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

When A Raise Is A Wedgie

These cartoons came from a variety of places. There have been too many times management didn't give out raises because budgets were just too tight. We grumbled a bit but didn't say too much, except for the times they got bonuses anyway. That stunk.

But one time we got a nice letter saying how bad things were and how sorry management felt that we weren't getting raises. I made a note but couldn't figure out how to put it into a cartoon. Then I visited a small town where they had a big rodeo. I was listening to some of the cowboys who ran the rodeo talk about it the next morning. One of the bull-riders had been hurt when he fell off, but had drug himself to the side and sat there for quite a while before anyone noticed him. They said they felt really bad, and then someone popped up: "but not as bad as the cowboy."

I connected it with how management felt about our raises being cancelled and out popped this comic strip.

The next toon is with Slider getting his raise. It was pitifully small. In reality, most people got a "token" raise. We all felt rather forked over by management. Then when the executives got their bonuses we felt even worse. When doing the cartoon I went from "raise" to "raisin'", which is a kind of wedgie. Thats how we felt.


When Your Raise Is A Wedgie


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