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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Trainer is a TREE!

This cartoon is for everyone who ever had to sit through a boring class. After all, I could be bored just sitting in front of my computer, and less bored getting that project out for the boss who will just sit on it for 3 weeks before he gives it back to me to revise based on different parameters!


This comic strip is based on a class I took at Mother Mo about 20 years ago. It was in the fancy training room at Corporate Headquarters. It was oriented towards making us more sensitive to perspectives of people who were not like us and this was a pilot class.

One of the exercises was to describe ourselves as how others perceived us. Later we were supposed to compare our own description to the reality of other people in the room. The class was mostly HR professionals and managers, some of them at director levels and possibly a couple of VP's.

The instructor was this 35 year old "professional instructor" who was hired from outside the company so she would not be pre-disposed in teaching the class. She had straight grey/black hair, was very much on the skinny side and her clothing was frumpy and colorless.

The pilot was a bomb and we didn't hear of it again, but I never forgot how she led us into this exercise. She said that SHE HAD ONCE BEEN DESCRIBED AS A TREE TRUNK. Everyone in the room had to bite their lip to keep from laughing. It was a perfect description.

Now, every time I sit through a boring class I think of that TREE PERSON, as we called her later. She wasn't un-attractive, just very boring and her class was boring and her presentation was boring. Well, that is too much for one single blog. Here is the address for the training cartoon training cartoon, trainer comic

Oh, we never heard of the trainer again. Its possible she went to charm school and we didn't recognize her in her next life. (That's putting an impossibly good spin on a tree.)

Its funny I don't remember all the neat and well presented classes or their trainers and only write cartoons about the tree person.


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