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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Taking Lessons In Theory Z

Click here to see the inspirational cartoon: Theory Z In Action

A friend called me a few days ago and told me this story. He claims it is true, though it is not necessarily about him. His computer screen is visible when someone walks into the office and he has been keeping the latest Stars 'n Toads on his screen saver. Fellow employees frequently get a chuckle from the cartoons.

He said: I had been working early and late, and helping out in a neighboring region when I got back to the office early one afternoon. I was pretty frazzed, and sat down in a high-backed chair. I leaned back and kicked my feet up on the desk and without even thinking "Z", was out. My head was back and my mouth opened when the secretary walked in. She saw my profile with the cartoon about Theory Z on the screen and started laughing her head off. I promptly woke up. She explained that she knew I was a fan of that Toad, but didn't realize he had so much influence.

So much for a few Z's!"

Making money for the boss should allow you to rest once in a while!


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