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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Purple Cows and Toads???

You can view this great cartoon at TOADY'S PURPLE COW CARTOON site.

I like Mother Goose. Her little poems are neat because they are simple yet versatile. They don't have to have any meaning whatsoever, but you can use them to illustrate any point you wish.

Have you ever been present when a boss just plain lost it? I mean, really blew up. I was in the office with Big Bird one day when he got purple. I mean a downright, livid bright, scammin' bammin' purple! Who'd a thought someone making that much money had it in them?

We were on a conference call with a chip supplier who didn't know the "C" word. (That means "commitment" for those who have feathers in their brains.) These guys just didn't seem to care about us and Big Bird lost it. He screamed at them. He insisted they come in and show a better schedule. He told them he would charge them $25,000 for every shipment we were late on because of their "stupid chip." He told them he was coming to see them. It was all in vos alto: downright, livid bright, scammin' bammin' screamin'. I wanted to hide under the chairs!

The poor telephone nearly cracked when he hit the off button. Then he appologized and said he did it for effect. I got out of there as soon as I could and had a hearty laugh with everyone who couldn't help but hear through the walls of his office. (Only about 40 toads.)

So, what happened to the chips? Well, about the time the poor supplier got us out of tight deliveries our customer had a significant schedule reduction and then we had those stupid chips running out our ears. Now they wanted to charge us for not taking what we ordered. I threatened them with another phone call from Big Bird and they sold them to someone else.

I could tell some other Purple Gull Cow stories, but none are quite so dramatic. Check out the 'toon at TOADY'S PURPLE COW CARTOON site.
If you know any purple gulls, send them a subtle copy.
See more Stars 'n Toads 'toons at TOADY'S OFFICE HUMOR COMIC STRIP.


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