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Monday, May 08, 2006

Layoff or Lay Off, It Never Makes Sense

Management says it makes cents. Having been through many layoffs, it seemed that in 3 or 4 months we were out looking for more people. I know, cause I was in recruiting and they pulled all openings at a layoff announcement, then didn't fill them but laid off a few people, then we started looking again real soon.

Ugh, lets not get stuck on the negatives. I recall a woman from AT&T did a paper in grad school about how not to do a layoff. She was kept on and if she is still there is now part of SBC AT&T and probably worried about it again.

The first cartoon at Layoff Cartoons is about management not getting laid off. It seems like it was not usually management that got hit, just the workers. And they lost so much productivity worrying about the layoff, then they could justify hiring more managers. Obviously they needed more leadership so they wouldn't have to do another layoff.

With over 1000 VP's making a minimum of 1/4 mil per year, you wonder why they don't start at the top!!!!!!

Then there was once they announced a cut-back in management only. Everyone thought that was an amazingly great idea. It was. It made us very happy. Of course, they only dumped a couple of people whou couldnt manager their way out a paper sack, and then they replaced them later. It was just fluff.

This could go on forever. But not on this blog...


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