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Monday, May 08, 2006

Mother's Day Cartoon

I never know whether to do a holiday cartoon dedicated srtictly to the holiday, or to try and mix the office perspective. Sometimes I do one, sometimes the other.

I was working on the fowl mouth thing a few weeks back and decided it would work for Mother's Day. My mother thought it was a funny approach so I went ahead and developed it.

I have found that when language gets fowl (I know; "foul" is correct spelling here, but "fowl" at Work R Fun has special meaning.) it is best not to complain. However, a few choice complements about a person's vocabulary always get the language to tone down.

I have used a few, like:

"Your mother would be proud of your extensive vocabulary."

"Were you a sailor in your former life?" "No, why?" "You have a sailor's knack with words."

"Could you teach me how to talk so effectively?"

"If you talk like that when the boss comes by I'm sure she'll be impressed."

Toads mostly just use ribets! But ribets are not fowl or foul.


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