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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Cartoon of the Smoking Break Parrot

It really happened...

One day at smoking break, (no I, Toady was not out there) a lost soul (our "friend" Slider) was grieving for his poor, departed parrot. It seems that the parrot had died just a few days before and Slider was very sad. This was outside at some picnic tables which had been set up as a smoking area for those who insist on wasting everyone's time in such activities.

So, as Slider sat there blowing smoke and gossiping with his smoking cronies, a parrot flew up. It appeared to be a friendly parrot and Slider coaxed it onto his hand. He was so excited; it was like this parrot knew he was grieving and came to calm his broken heart. He posted signs and called the radio station, but no one ever claimed the parrot so he kept it.

Several of us were talking when Slider came in to tell us his great story. We were all incredulous at his good fortune. As soon as he left we stood looking at each other. Then someone had a parting quip: "Poor parrot, it will most likely die too." Everyone rolled on the floor with laughter.

We never heard of the parrot again. I assume it is in parrot heaven by now, unless it developed a smoking habit, in which case it is in smoker's heaven.

See the toon at: Smoking Parrot Cartoon


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