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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

One Face To The Customer?

Yes, we actually paid some bright bureaucrat at corporate headquarters to put together a whole class on "One Face To The Customer." At least it was interesting and well presented.

We wondered about educating 500 people for 4 hours each on a concept that seemed rather straight forward, but training folk need jobs too. If the cost was 50$ per hour or $200 each, that's only $100K. Now if you consider the plant produced $1M per day and we took out 1/2 day of productivity it gets a little more expensive, but a little extra work will make up for that, and management doesn't have to sweat our extra hours.

So enough rambling...

When we were discussing the course among ourselves I asked Twinkles what the customer might think if their "one face" was that of our boss. He agreed that might be a problem, but said it would depend on which of his many faces they saw. Slider was there and he pulled the ugliest face he could make (pretty ugly) and said he likes to keep his "one face" face for the boss. I told him it was better than what the customer usually sees when they face our birds.

Sad but true...

See the cartoon at: One Face To Customer Cartoon


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