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Monday, March 20, 2006

Pay Attention or Pay the Consequences

It was a good day, in a good week, until my dear mis-guided boss came in with a project he said would be perfect for me. We were ready to buy a new design from a new supplier. All I had to do was get engineering to sign off on some specs and order the parts.

It wasn't 5 minutes before the phone rang. Engineering wanted samples. I thought they had samples; "yes, but that so-and-so who was my boss knew a week ago they were bad and hadn't ordered any more." Now they had a deadline with the customer and the product wasn't ready to approve and if I didn't get them some parts the Sr. V.P. was going to shoot all of us. (Why me?)

The supplier feigned complete ignorance but managed to pull the proverbial rabbit out of their hat and after a significant amount of cursing, head knocking and grumbling we got the product approved only a few days late.

I went in to see my boss but couldn't talk to him. He was on the phone discussing his hunting lease. I know where his attention was focused. But I pay the consequences. AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH!

To make matters worse, he took the VP hunting and still got his next promotion. (At least he was no longer my boss!)

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