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Monday, May 22, 2006

Customers Play Ring Around The Rosie

Back to the Customer Abuse Zone. We take such good care of our customers and they act like they own us, which they do. But sometimes they really get on my nerves.

In this case they were sending back perfectly good product. Someone in their Quality Assurance (fancy name for reject heaven) department was trying to get noticed by increasing his rejection rates. They were also having some problems at their test sites with false failures so they just sent all our parts back.

Twinkles came in with a few of these good parts and says: "What kind of games are they playing at the customer?"

"Same as always," I told him.
Poor Twink raises his eyebrows; "You know about this?"
"Sure," I said, "It's Ring Around The Rosie. Only our little angels call it Ring Around The Returns."

Everyone withing earshot died laughing.

Check it out in the Customer Abuse Zone


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