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Monday, May 22, 2006

Team Building Captain Is An Anchor

It was a long time ago, I had a boss whose was a real low flying type who liked the glory but not the work. He went for all the flashy things and there was a new team building exercise on a boat so he signed us all up.

Well, he followed the script and had us do all the dumb things to get us mingling and concentating. He was a real "prig in the gig" so we got kind of sick of him strutting around giving orders.

Of course, when the going got tough we pushed him out of the way and met our goals and had a great time of it. The memorable line was when we were just finishing up and the boss was not around. There were several seagull comments about his style and then we came to the part where we had to drop the anchor and finish. We had built some good rapport with each other and were feeling pretty good about the team. Someone said, "Instead of the anchor, lets drop our captain."

Then Twinkles added: "Yeah, he's more like an anchor anyway."

After that we added anchor jokes to our seagull jokes.

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