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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Fast Car Passes Gas Stations -NOT

'Toon shows me with a new car which isn't happy that it can pass everything on the road except the gas stations.

That's not quite how it happened...
Twinkles was talking to some big-buck manager one day. The bird had just purchased a new hot rod which was absolutely the type of car young boys dream of having. It was everything. Fast and sleek and hot. They went out to the reserved parking place and the manager commented that it would pass everything on the road.

The punch line came when Twinkles told me about passing everything on the road. I said: "I bet it doesn't pass the gas stations." Everyone thought that was a funny one for our high rolling management friend. When it was repeated to him he didn't even crack a smile. He said it hit close to home.

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Circular File Method Of Management

This 'toon shows our me, Toady, seated in front of a big seagull who is at his desk with some stacks of paper in front of him. It seems that Toady had given him a project which the bird can't find. Toady knows the guy threw it away because he uses the "circular file" method.

This is based on stark bureau-crazy reality. The bird is a VP and one of the better ones I ever associated with. People used to get so frustrated because they would track things to him but he would not have them and not recall them. What we figured out is that he put everything in one of three stacks on his desk. Each day the stacks moved to the left and the oldest went straight into the garbage. If no one came by to follow-up on a given piece of paper it simply disappeared. Anything routed for a series of signitures was particularly vulnerable. Of course, he just gave you the dumb/lost look if you asked him about something.

Kind of makes you want to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Tense? It could be worse...

It was Ms. Liz who one day uttered: "I'm just too tense today."

I popped over the cube wall: "Are you going to be 3 wigwams tomorrow?"

In case you still don't get it, tense/tents are like tepees. Technically there are major differences and I must beg license from my distant Native American ancestors for comparing the two, but it made a great joke.

Liz was able to laugh and loosen up. Slider didn't get it until someone explained it to him and he was so disgusted he took an extra smoking break. (Sent some smoke signals I suppose.)

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BRAINS? Scrambled, Fried, or Just MIA

You never know. Is it one of those days when you just can't put two good thoughts together ( like trying to write something that makes sense right now!) Or is your brain really fired up and in full scale production of what might be good thoughts, only to find out you were on the wrong track.

Life is tough when you're a toad!

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